Friday, February 03, 2006

Changes Are A Comin'

I've temporarily taken down my old blog posts, and I've removed my personal blog from my listing. The old blog will return in its entirety, but not at the old URL. (I'm moving it to a different service.) What won't return are the pictures and other sections of the site. There is a good reason for this, and I hope you can understand.

I'd like to start keeping my personal life somewhat separate from this blog. I will keep some things intact, so that I can better explain where I'm coming from when I'm doing an op-ed piece. But this blog has become more and more popular, as most of you may have noticed. I don't think that friends, family, and coworkers would appreciate it if I continued including them in my commentary any more than if I talked about them in an article for the Birmingham News.

So I hope you all understand. My personal blog is still up and running, but the link has been removed from this profile. Hopefully, there are no links to it from this page. My old "blog" will be back up soon on a different server with a new web address. It has been saved to my hard drive at home, but I do want to scan over it first to make sure that there are no names used, and I don't want to leave the pictures of my friends and family up.

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