Wednesday, January 25, 2006

JeffCo Taxes Renewed by Voters

Well, at least they gave you a chance this time, so nobody can say that the tax was unfairly passed. I guess the problem I have with it is that the people of Jefferson County apparently didn't care enough to show up to vote.

You see, the tax doesn't affect me because I live in St. Clair County, so the results of the vote isn't what is upsetting me right now. What really upsets me is the following:

The votes will be certified next Tuesday. Voter turnout was just shy of 11 percent.

Why? I'm sorry, but one of my pet peeves is the failure of voters to even show up at the polls. Even worse, in my book, is when those who fail to show up dare to complain about how they aren't satisfied with the way their government is running things. There were at least three separate articles in the Birmingham News (including Sunday's edition), and some press coverage on the major networks. I realize that not everyone would have gotten the news, but please tell me that our local media has not become so inefficient that only 11 percent of the voters were informed.

Whenever I call up a representative, they are usually kind enough to take the time to discuss things thoroughly with me, probably because the chance to discuss their pet legislation with a constituent is a rare treat. This isn't necessarily limited to local legislators, either. They've confirmed that they don't get many calls or letters, and they say that they would like to receive more feedback.

I guess my question is this: Are most people simply unaware that they can have such an active role in their government, or is it that they don't care?

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