Monday, January 30, 2006

In Other News - 1/30/06

Exxon Sees Record Profits for Any U.S. Co. You want to hear something that will make you mad? This will do it. Exxon just reported a fourth quarter profit of over $10 billion. That's even more than their third quarter earnings!!! Fill 'er up!

Primary care about to collapse, physicians warn This is actually a concern that I've had for a while. Health insurance companies are notorious for neglecting much needed, and cheaper, preventative care as opposed to what this article refers to as "just in time" care.

3 plans proposed on taxes Not a bad idea. Taxation on families that make less than $5K/year is just plain wrong. A decrease in sales tax for groceries is among these plans, and I think it's a good start. Many states do not have sales tax on grocery items, clothing, and other necessities for this very reason.

Jeffco frequently amends budgets Why create a budget if you aren't planning on sticking to it? Since this year's budget was put into place in October of last year, 98 amendments have been made. That means that the budget has been changed at least four times a week, on average, and it's only January. Now ask yourself. How many of us would trust these guys to balance our checkbook for us? I have a solution to this. Hire a fourth grader with decent math skills for his age, and put him in charge of the budget. Hire a toddler as his assistant, so that when Commissioners, Inc. want more money for whatever new money-making scheme happens to be the latest fad, the assistant can easily and stubbornly say, "No." Problem solved.

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