Friday, January 27, 2006

The Lighter Side

Well, I've been in a bad mood all week. The consistent griping has probably shown that. But today, I'm in a much better mood. Of course, I must comment on some of the actual news this morning, but first, I'd like to point out some things that made me laugh this week:

First, there is today's Prickly City comic:

Love it!

Then there was yesterday's press conference where the president took questions directly from the press, instead of Scott McClellan (sp?). Now I didn't get to see live coverage of this, but NBC was kind enough to replay it on the Nightly News. You know how comedians love to joke that the president is easily distracted? There was this one moment in particular that was caught only by the boys at NBC. A camera that had been mounted to the ceiling came loose and started dangling in front of the president while he was trying to answer a question. In the shots shown, you can't quite tell what it is. But the sight of something dangling in front of the president, and the look on his face, was one of the funniest things I've ever seen! It almost looked like someone did it intentionally just to see what would happen, and the look on the president's face reminds me of my cat when something is dangled in front of him. I almost expected him to start batting at it! The only video that I could find was on the Nightly News webcast.

Not funny, but definitely something that lightened my mood, is one of my favorite shows on television right now-- Dancing With the Stars. Now we all know that Drew Lachey will probably walk away with the top ranking if Stacey Keebler doesn't best him. But I'm also rooting for Tia Carrere and Jerry Rice. Jerry came as the biggest surprise for a lot of folks because he's a football player. I wasn't as surprised to see him do so well, because athletes are often very flexible and make great dancers. I'm actually surprised that he hasn't done better, but I love watching that man dance! Tia, having just given birth a few months ago, looks absolutely fabulous. Stacey and Lisa Rinna are divine! (I want MY abs to look like that!!!) The only thing that I can't figure out is how George Hamilton and Master P have been able to stay in the competition for this long. George Hamilton is a classic example of why white men get made fun of, and for someone who works in the music industry, P Miller should have more natural rhythm. (If he does, he isn't showing it.) I've started skipping past Miller's performance because I can't watch another minute of P standing there all but motionless while his partner, Ashley, does all of the work. He almost reminds me of my husband when I tried to teach him swing dancing. You have hips, Miller! Use them!!!

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