Wednesday, January 25, 2006

In other news...

I subscribe to email newsletters from both the Republican and Democratic parties just to see what's being sent out amongst the loyals. Every once in a while Mehlmen or Dean will come up with something worth saying. I recently received an email from the Democrats with this suggestion. I have to admit that it's a good idea. The thought of a group of people getting together to watch the president's speech and then discussing it afterward makes me all tingly inside. My prediction, however, is that Blockbuster will have a particularly good evening.

Also, I recently became aware (hat tip to Alabama Elections) that we have a third party (Libertarian) candidate involved in the Alabama governor's race. Loretta Nall's blog is found here. I also happen to have a link in my blogroll, although I haven't had a chance to read through it. In the meantime, let me know what you think. I plan on calling her campaign office along with the other candidates to see where she stands on the issues I'm concerned with.

By the way, I'm still putting together a list of the questions that I want to ask each candidate, so if anyone has any suggestions, feel free to let me know. I'm going to post the responses here. Hopefully, I'll have a sample list posted here before the end of the week. I'll also list the candidates whom I intend to call. Because of my limited time, I won't be able to call candidates for the legislature. There are just too many. My main concerns at this time include I&R, Constitutional Reform, Budgeting, and Tax Reform.

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