Friday, January 27, 2006

In Other News - 1/27/06

Murtha Says Iraq Is Now a 'Civil War' Well, duh. Iraqis are fighting Iraqis. That would be the very definition of a civil war. I can agree to some point with what Murtha is saying. As long as we are in Iraq, the Iraqis themselves have no real incentive to put any effort into controlling their own government. Why do any work with others are doing (or trying) it for you? I can see the logic in pulling back at least to some extent and forcing them to take control of their country. That seems to be a viable solution. At the same time, it could cause outright chaos and do more harm than good. The only other solution that I see would be to add enough troops to the scenario to overwhelm any opposition, quickly take down the enemy, and establish (for now) an Iraqi military state until things settle down. Then again, in one dictatorship really better than another?

Abbas Asks Hamas to Form New Government Interesting thing about democracy. Sometimes the votes don't go the way you planned. But wasn't democracy supposed to bring flowers and song to the Middle East?

School officials balk at notion systems should join with Jeffco And I don't blame them. JeffCo is incompetent in handling their schools, which is why so many systems have left to form their own, better systems.

Bill would allow teens to sign contracts at 18 This stinks of lender lobbyists. Most of the contracts listed in this article have some connection to a person being able to get into red ink at a younger age without adult supervision. I don't like it.

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