Friday, March 10, 2006

It Isn't My Birthday...

My husband just sent me this article from CNN’s website. Could it be that I may get my wish after all? I’ve been saying for a while that now is the perfect time for a new third party to gain a lot of political power. The best chance of this happening is if center-leaning Republicans and Democrats break away from their prospective parties and form their own third party. They’re already despised by members of their own parties for not being extreme enough and for attempting compromise as opposed to all-out political warfare in U.S. government. It has been said that McCain would be the strongest candidate for president in 2008, but that he’s highly unlikely to get the Republican nomination because he doesn’t march to the Republican tune on every single issue. The same is said for Joe Lieberman, who faces heavy opposition in the Democratic primary for his Senate seat. I think that most of us are sick of partisan bickering, though. We’d like to see some differing ideas, but we’d also like to see some reasonable compromises made so that our legislature would serve the better interests of all (or at least most) of the American people, as opposed to about half of them. DeWine, McCain, Lieberman, Graham… Are you listening?

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