Monday, February 13, 2006

Pastor John and Kirk: Serious or Satire?

If you’ve been reading the comments on this blog and others, you’ve probably become familiar with Pastor John. Until recently, I’d never heard of the guy. Apparently, though, he’s been around for a while.

When reading his blog, you’ll see some of the most paranoid, bigoted rants that you could imagine. But the question remains: is he serious, sick, or satire? I came across a post on the Daily Kos that posed this very question. Apparently, the guy is serious, but who can tell for sure? (Personally, I think that he’s a troll and should be treated as such, but then I'm only human and fallible as such.)

I also recently had a comment posted from a guy named “Kirk.” Upon inspection of his blog, it appears to be more of the same.

Either way, I’ve chosen to ignore them from here on out. But I’d like some feedback from my readers. What do you all think?

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