Monday, October 30, 2006

Birmingham is Movin' on Up!

The newest listing of most dangerous U.S. cities was just released. St. Louis has been ranked as number one. Birmingham was number 10 on the list last year. This year, Birmingham is number six. So it looks like we're steadily headed toward the top of at least one national ranking.

Here's the link to the list, although I had some problems getting onto the server earlier.

Just as last year, the thanks for this "improvement" should go to Mayor Bernard Kinkaid and Birmingham Police Chief Annetta Nunn, who have still not approved most of the suggestions given by their own police force. Kinkaid, in particular, deserves special credit for taking his own city council to court as opposed to allowing the pay raise that they overwhelmingly passed so that Birmingham police officers could be paid a comparable rate to surrounding cities with less crime and better benefits.

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