Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Fundamentalism and Fanatics

I have been noticing a faith movement, lately. It's members have faith that theirs is the only way, and they have little tolerance for those of opposing faith. In fact, some have no tolerance, and they will work in whatever way they can to eradicate any signs of other faiths.

I'm talking about atheists.

Think about it for a minute. It takes just as much faith to believe that no god exists as it would take to believe that one does not. Considering their organization, it could easily be considered a type of religion, sans deity.

Granted, I don't hold this attitude toward all atheists. I have several friends who are atheists, and they are some of the most tolerant, open-minded, and wonderful people I know. I'm referring to those atheists who sue to have crosses removed from war memorials. I'm referring to those who want any trace of religion removed from society, no matter how trivial.

In their efforts, I start to wonder if they could eventually become as radical as some religious fanatics. I say that because of recent church burnings that have plagued Alabama. Could this eventually become a pasttime for overzealous atheists? I just find it interesting to see that the newest potential fundamentalist movement just happens to be one that claims no religion.

Your thoughts?

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