Tuesday, March 14, 2006

There is another...

It seems that there is a new evil out there, folks. Instead of just worrying about video games and music corrupting our youth, it seems that the Internet is now to blame as well...

Pollick said he's troubled by the cyberspace culture that seems to obsess the current generation of college students. "It's mind-boggling," Pollick said. "This is part of the climate in which we educate."

The behavior glamorized on the Web site may have created such an approving atmosphere of risk-taking and prank-pulling that it could promote not only uncivil but illegal acts, Pollick suggested.

"What is it that would make somebody think that would be acceptable behavior?" Pollick said of torching rural churches. "You look at their families, their life patterns, there would be nothing to indicate this type of action, this type of blindness. The parents are sitting there wondering how this could happen."

Mind-boggling, indeed.

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