Thursday, January 19, 2006

"Intelligent design" not science: Vatican paper

This headline caught my eye.

I'm not Catholic by any stretch, but I can understand (to a point) why they wouldn't want ID taught alongside evolution in science classes. In fact, as a Protestant, I can understand why some Christians don't want ID taught in science classes. I happen to agree with them.

While I don't fully understand the motivations behind the Vatican, I can explain my own views. My personal belief is that God created science so that we could better understand the world around us and how he created it. But the world around us, the tangible, is only a small part of his creation. There is so much more that we have yet to see. Seeing as how God created science, he is much greater than science and cannot be explained by it. To do so, defining a creator by such a small fraction of His creation, is to form God in our image instead of the other way around, and is blasphemy. It would be like an artist who puts a portion of his soul into a portrait of himself. The painting is by all means created in the artists image. But by no means is the portrait a true image of all that is the artist. I hope I explained that without being confusing.

Anyway, that is my personal belief. You may believe something different. But considering the reverence that I see my God in, teaching ID goes against my Christian religion. Merely understanding that God created the heavens and the earth and teaching evolution may be how science explains how he did it does not.

That being said, I do have issues with evolution being taught. There are some really big holes in that theory that either need to be explained, or evolutionists need to admit that they simply do not know and can't prove to satisfaction.

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