Friday, September 15, 2006

Tidbits From Elsewhere - 9/15/06

Lucy Baxley is at it again. She's attacking Governor Riley over his tax policy. She has every right to use this as part of her political strategy, since it's a legitimate issue that specifically targets Bob Riley's governing, but she needs to find some other strategy. This one is getting old. Actually, it was old by the time she first used it, but it wasn't as old then as it is now. She really needs to start focusing on her platform.

John Giles has found a new name for the Christian Coalition of Alabama. Personally, I thought that the group, which considers it's national organization to be too liberal, should have gone with my suggestion of NAMBLA.

Slashdot is reporting that the unhackable Diebold Voting-Machine has been hacked. Never challenge a nerd. You'll lose.

Doc offers a bit of insight into the mind of the Alabama GOP's fearless leader. Scary stuff.

And in what could quite possibly be the scarriest story of the day, a murder suspect has been accidentally released from prison, and he could be anywhere by now. Yipee!

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