Thursday, September 14, 2006

Politicians Crack Me Up

Recently, someone left the following comment on this post.

Vote for and support Judge Al Johnson for Alabama Supreme Court, Place 3. Judge Johnson is a Christian, he owns a gun, and he is a Democrat.

I don't like campaign spam, so I visited the site with the full intent of making fun of Judge Johnson. After all, what's the fun in merely deleting a comment?

There it was for all the world to see. His campaign slogan really is, "I'm a Christian, I own a gun, I'm a Democrat." Seriously. You can't make this stuff up! My first thought was that it sounded like the Gun Toting Liberal was running for office. My second reaction was a mental picture of this guy robbing a bank while using his campaign slogan. Then I imagined it as a missionary's slogan. Then I imagined it as a threat against the U.S. Congress. The more I repeated it, the funnier it got. Considering it was late, and I was sleepy, it was pretty darn funny.

"Mr. Johnson, give us one good reason why we should pass your legislation."

"I'll give you three. I'm a Christian. I own a gun. I'm a Democrat."

Is that like Guns & Moses (a nod to Robin Williams)? Sounds dangerous.

Turns out, Dan at Between the Links took notice, too. Mike even graced us with a particularly humorous comment:

Vote for and support John Q. McWhitey for Inconsequential State Office That Should Be Appointed Anyway, Place 12. McWhitey’s slogan is generic and unoffensive - “I’m a sentient, carbon-based, bipedal humanoid, I stand for values you stand for, and I remind you of your grandfather.”

Ah. Good stuff.

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