Thursday, September 14, 2006

New Blog: Alabama's Eats

"I'll be right back."

Just like in the horror movies, those were the last words we ever heard from her. It was the last we ever saw of her. It was also the first we'd seen and heard from her.

Unfortunately, this was not a horror movie. She was our waitress. While we were waited upon, the person covering our table was not the server assigned to us. It was the bartender.

The waitress wasn't at fault. It was a huge issue that management needed to address. Either you bring in more servers, or you don't sit every table. That's just how it goes. At the same time, it didn't feel right leaving a tip unless we could slip the bartender some cash, because the server we didn't see would get the credit and the tip for our table. As great a job as she probably did, she didn't do it at our table.

My husband's steak was cold, and the marinara sauce was runny. This wasn't the wonderful dining experience that my friends had described to me regarding the same restaurant in another city. I'd looked so forward to this night, and to say I was disappointed was an understatement of epic proportions.

So I though to myself, "Self, you should write a restaurant review." So I decided to start another blog. It would give me an excuse to try out another blogging service, anyway. Although I never wrote the review on the restaurant mentioned here, I did start that blog, and I'm currently writing my first review of one of my favorite restaurants. (I wanted to start out on a positive note.) We'll see how it goes. I've called it "Alabama's Eats" (my nod to Alton Brown), and you can find it here.

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