Thursday, September 14, 2006

Tidbits From Elsewhere - 9/14/06

A few items from the news caught my attention, today.

The Associated Press has released a chilling look at the gunman from the Montreal school attack yesterday. Turns out that the comparisons to Columbine were more accurate than we'd like them to be. He was a fan, of sorts.

Bush is asking for Congress to give him more power to spy on Americans. It seems surreal to me. Up until now, he's completely ignored U.S. law, so why would he want to bother now?

Modeling agencies are up in arms over the recent ban of overly skinny models in Madrid. They're scared that Milan will be next. This article includes a picture that illustrates why I think the new trend being set by Madrid is a good one.

The Birmingham News is reporting that John McCain plans to visit Alabama now that our primaries have been moved up. It should be interesting. I'm still a fan of McCain, since he and Guilliani seem to be the only real possible candidates that I like who have a shot at winning. Now, if he could just turn off his newfound right-wing crazy...

Doc is reporting on the "Handshake With Alabama". Apparently, he's been getting the same campaign spam that I've been getting.

Loretta Nall has a couple of interesting posts about marijuana. You can read them here and here.

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