Saturday, August 26, 2006

The People of District 54 Win!!!

Loretta Nall has just posted on her blog regarding the Alabama Democratic Party Executive Committee meeting. I agree with her take 100%. It really is a shame that this was an issue to begin with. This, after all, was never about the fact that Ms. Todd was openly gay. It was about race, of all things. The black leaders in the Alabama Democratic Party should be ashamed of themselves. They of all people should know what it is like to be subject to racism, and the fact that Ms. Todd was white and had received the majority of votes in a mostly black district had been the real reason why Joe Reed made her his personal business. Just because the racist was black and victim was white doesn't make this any less or better than a reverse situation.

I am a white woman, and I would be much happier and extremely proud to be represented by a qualified black man or woman than with some of the corrupt white politicians that currently represent me. I have many very close black friends for whom I'd gladly give my life. Two of my best black friends married white men, my cousin married a black man a few weeks ago, and they were met with a large amount of disapproval-- mostly from the black community.

This isn't harmony, people. This is voluntary segregation, and its wrong. The fact that some in the black community don't want anything to do with those "white devils" isn't just an insult to me. It's an insult to everything that every Civil Rights leader ever worked for. It's an insult to all those who wanted equality for us. It's an insult to Dr. King's dream, and to mine. We should be trying harder to bring ourselves together, folks, not tear ourselves apart.

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