Tuesday, August 22, 2006

My Answers To The Christian Coalition

Another great idea from Dan at Between the Links! He's suggested that we, as bloggers, post our answers to the questions in the Christian Coalition of Alabama survey on our own blogs. For those politicians who are squeamish about submitting their answers to the Christian Coalition so that they might be... ah... edited might consider doing the same. You may also want to publish the following phrase, which I am including below for my own benefit:

The answers to the questions below are for use on this site only. Any use of my responses to this questionnaire are not to be used or quoted elsewhere without my signed written consent.

Legally, I don't know if it will hold up for candidates (or even for me). Perhaps a lawyer will happen upon my blog and correct me. I'm guessing that it couldn't hurt.

Anyway, on to the questionnaire:

Do you support education vouchers that allow parents to choose a public or private school for their children? Yes, as long as these vouchers can be used toward public schools and supplies should such a school be unavailable for the parent.

Do you support public schools teaching that homosexuality is an acceptable lifestyle? Not necessarily. What I support is schools teaching the definitions of homosexuality and heterosexuality and letting the students decide for themselves what is acceptable or not. School is a place for learning, not teaching social acceptability, stigmas, or prejudices.

Do you support allowing school-based clinics to dispense birth control devices without parental consent? No. Birth control devices are easily available in any drug store, Wal-Mart, or gas station bathroom and are cheap enough for a student to purchase on his own. I don't see why my tax dollars should have to pay for it. I do, however, believe that it's essential for our children to learn proper sex education, which would include the use of such devices, in order to better prevent spread of STD's and unwanted pregnancies that would result in abortions.

Do you support increasing state income taxes or income tax rates? No. As long as rates stay the same, tax income should adjust on its own with inflation. The only instance in which I would support a tax increase is if the public voted and approved such for increased government services, like a new public school system.

Do you support requiring voter approval for state tax increases? Yes. After all, it is their money.

Do you support capital punishment for certain crimes, like first-degree murder? Yes and no. I think it depends on the situation. Most people argue that capital punishment is a deterrent for crime. Crime rates in areas that have capital punishment would actually suggest the exact opposite. I think that there are too many opportunities for error in our court system, and I don't like the idea of accidentally putting an innocent man to death. If there were some way that we could be absolutely certain that the person in question actually committed the murder, and the circumstances were extreme enough, I suppose I might support it.

Do you support prohibiting abortion in all cases, except where the life of the mother is endangered? No, but not because I am pro-choice. I am very much pro-life, which is why I think that government regulated abortions are a necessity. Abortions will happen one way or another, and while I hate losing the life of a potential child, I hate losing the life of the mother in the process even more. The best way to reduce abortion rates is to teach proper sex education and pregnancy prevention. I am highly against partial birth abortions, however, because there is absolutely no reason why they would be needed, even in cases where the mother's life is in jeopardy, because the doctor could simply perform an early delivery, which is actually less risk to the mother.

Do you support taxpayer funding of abortions? No, unless it is medically necessary, in which case it should be handled like any other medical procedure. Medical treatment should not be denied based on your ability to pay, but if you can, you should. In cases where the mother's health is at risk, this would be considered a medical necessity. In other situations, it is a choice, and if you make that choice, you should chose to pay the bill.

Do you support allowing homosexuals in the National Guard? Yes. They can protect our country just as well as heterosexuals, so if they wish to serve, let them.

Do you support allowing adoption of children by homosexuals? What I support is allowing adoption of children to two-parent homes. Studies have shown that children of homosexual couples grow up just as well adjusted as those raised by heterosexual couples and better adjusted than those raised by a single parent. The conclusion is that children raised by two parents, regardless as to gender or sexual orientation, are better adjusted than those raised by a single parent. My belief is that raising a child is hard, and having my husband help is priceless. Either way, I've seen single parents that are more than capable of being excellent parents. It simply depends on the situation, but one thing is certain, sexual orientation has no bearing on what makes you a good parent. I refuse to believe that a child is better off with Joe Welfare and his wife because they can have sex than he would be with two loving, caring, well-off lesbians. I guess that's a yes.

Do you support tax credits for the poor and middle class in need of purchasing private health insurance? Absolutely. Excellent medical care is something that should be provided to every American.

Do you support rewriting the state constitution? Yes. Take that Roy Moore.

Do you support legislation to prohibit the use of compulsory union dues and fees for political causes and candidates opposed by union members? I don't like lobbyists of any flavor, so yes. Sorry, AEA.

Do you support establishment of gambling in the state, such as video slot machines, high-stakes electronic bingo, casino/riverboat gambling, pari-mutuel betting and off-track betting? No. I think it's a regressive tax on the poor. My question to the Christian Coalition of Alabama would be this: Do you support the same in the state of Mississippi?

Would you prohibit state grants for art that is obscene, pornographic or anti-religious? No. I'd prohibit state grants for art, period. Art is self expression, and the nature in which the artist chooses to express himself is up to him. Gallery owners have the right to choose what they display. Patrons have the right to choose what to buy. The art industry is self-supporting and self-regulating, and the state has no business spending taxpayers money on it. However, I heavily support the teaching of the arts in public schools.

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