Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Dan on Twinkle

Dan over at Between the Links has an idea as to why the Alabama GOP's chairwoman is being such a jerk lately. Twinkle recently invited Howard Dean to Alabama and offered to buy him a plane ticket. This wasn't your average nice invitation, either. It was done in sarcasm and rudeness to imply that Dr. Dean wouldn't dare come to Alabama because Democrats should be ashamed of him. Since then, she's extended her invitation to Senator John Kerry and Senator Hillary Clinton, asking them to come to Alabama and show support for Lucy Baxley, the Democratic nominee for governor. This is what Dan had to say:

"The idea here is obviously to tell the voters that voting for the Alabama Democratic Party, and Lucy Baxley in particular, is like voting for John Kerry. I think Twinkie’s got a decent point, but these press releases are just the worst way of going about it. Coming after the Riley attack commercials, the Alabama GOP sure have been acting like a bunch of 5-year-olds lately."

I agree completely. I also agree with his suggestion that the Alabama Dems should respond in kind. I'd love to see them extend their own invitation to Scooter Libby, Tom DeLay, and Duke Cunningham (to name a few).

Better yet, since the Christian Coalition seems to be so fond of the GOP, why not ask Pat Robertson to come and speak for the Riley campaign? Considering Robertson's record, it's guaranteed to not be boring.

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