Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Moderate Changes: Domain Mapping

Okie dokie artichokie. At this point, it's a waiting game. Some of you may be seeing a blank page right now (and not this post). After (hopefully) 48 hours, you should see the new domain up at the top no matter what you typed into your browser to get here. If you typed "almoderate.blogspot.com", you should have been forwarded to this URL. If you typed "www.almoderate.com", then you really shouldn't have anything to update. Let me take this opportunity to ask anyone who might have a link to me or have me listed on their blogroll to go ahead and change the link. It's mostly because I won't be on Blogger for much longer, and when I switch over, I don't want my readers getting lost in cyberspace.

That being said, there may be another slight hiccup when I switch the mapping to the new servers. Again, it should only take about 48 hours TOPS. Please be patient with me. I'll give you fair warning about a day or so before I do it.

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