Monday, March 12, 2007

Moderate Changes Ahead

Over the next three weeks or so, you'll be seeing some small changes slowly taking place. The URL will change, and I'll definitely post a notification. The server will change, as I'm leaving Blogger for greener pastures at WordPress. (I'll post a link for a few weeks just in case readers end up here.) And the overall look will change. This is going to take up my usual blogging time, so expect to see fewer actual posts over the next three weeks. I'll try to include at least one actual political post for every couple of days.

My readership is up, up, up. So I'm going to try to include less emotion and personal life and more logic-based commentary. Hopefully, I'll be taken more seriously. I'm also planning to recruit a couple of new contributors. This is partly so that I can have more material, even though a mobile baby gives me less free time. Hard to believe, but I actually had more free time to blog when I was "working" all day. I also think it would be interesting if I could, like Dan, get a couple of state legislators to contribute on the goings on around Montgomery and provide insight on their legislation. I thought it might also be fair to give the Argo mayor and council an opportunity to speak. (These guys obviously already have a forum, but I'm trying to be fair.)

My increased readership is partly due to the Argo/Springville posts, but these posts have distracted me from the main focus of my blog, which is local and national politics. Lately, my main focus has been Argo, so I'm going to try to limit my posts to once a week. I'm thinking Tuesdays would be best for weekly updates, since Argo town hall meetings are held on Monday nights. Those of you looking toward this blog only for updates on Argo will have a regularly scheduled day to do so, as well. These posts have also lead to an increase in anonymous posting. While I believe that everyone has the God-given right to remain anonymous in posting, I'm going to turn that option off for now, so you will need to sign up for a blogger username to post a comment. It's not so that people have less anonymity. Mostly, it's so that folks can tell one anonymous poster apart from another to see just how many different opinions are flying. When I address an anonymous commenter, it helps for people to know which anonymous commenter I'm addressing.

Regarding my new look... I'm a whiz with HTML and Java, and I'm not too bad at graphics editing, but I'm not very creative. If you have an idea, please let me know by commenting here or by emailing me at almoderateATwindstreamDOTnet. So far, I'm thinking of a magnolia theme of some sort with a green or pink background. No significance-- I just happen to like magnolias. I also have an idea for a header graphic that will look somewhat like a political cartoon loosely based on a joke that one of my old coworkers made several years ago.

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