Thursday, November 02, 2006

Endorsements for the 2006 Election

I will not be covering all offices because some are uncontested and because I only feel comfortable endorsing those races inside my own district. I will only include information about who is running, my endorsement, and information on why I am endorsing that candidate. Incumbents will have an asterisk (*) next to their name. That being said, here's the list

Governor Candidates include Bob Riley (R)*, Lucy Baxley (D), and Loretta Nall. Ms. Nall will not be listed on the ballot, but she is actively running a write-in campaign. All of these are decent candidates, but I'm an ultraconservative at heart, and I'm tired of the bipartisan system. That being said, the Libertarian gets my vote every time. I will be voting for Loretta Nall.

Lieutenant Governor Candidates include Luther Strage, III (R) and Jim Folsom, Jr. (D). Alabama has some of the largest utility rates (particularly for natural gas) in the country. Mr. Strange is a former utility lobbyist. I will be voting for Jim Folsom, Jr. (D).

Attorney General Candidates include John Tyson, Jr. (D) and Troy King (R)*. Both candidates are promising to be tough on crime, and I believe them. Tyson, however, seems to focus on crime prevention more than King. I will be voting for John Tyson, Jr. (D).

Secretary of State Candidates include Beth Chapman (R) and Nancy Worley (D)*. What can I say about Nancy Worley that hasn't already been said by several Republican and Democratic registrars, a federal judge, and Watchman South (see my sidebar)? I will be voting for Beth Chapman (R).

US Congress (District 6) Candidates include Spencer Bachus, III (R)* and Warren Grayson (I). Warren Grayson will not be featured on the ballot but has run a write-in campaign for the position. I'm no big fan of the work that Rep. Bachus has done over his last term, and I'm voting against incumbents this year unless they've given me a good reason not to do so. He hasn't. I will be voting for Warren Grayson (I).

State Auditor Candidates include Janie Baker Clarke (D) and Sam Shaw (R). This is a tough race because both candidates are well qualified, and I haven't seen one negative ad. Since the office pretty much doesn't do anything important and could pretty well be eliminated, you could effectively vote for someone based on a coin toss. Being a former registered Republican, I'm going with the Republican. I will be voting for Sam Shaw (R).

State Treasurer Candidates include Stephen Segrest (D) and Kay Ivey (R)*. You may remember Steve Segrest as the guy who got beaten in the 2002 primary by Nancy Worley in his run for Secretary of State. In other words, a majority of voters decided that Worley scared them less than he did. 'Nuff said. I will be voting for Kay Ivey (R).

State Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries Candidates include Ron Sparks (D)* and Albert Lipscomb (R). Sparks has been doing a decent job thus far. He has also been endorsed by the Alabama Farmers Federation. I will be voting for Ron Sparks (D).

State Supreme Court Chief Justice Candidates include Sue Bell Cobb (D) and Drayton Nabers, Jr. (R)*. I'm deciding my support here based on the endorsement of the FOP, since both candidates are good choices. It's mostly because I believe that our judiciary should be appointed. The last thing I want is a judge who is basing his decisions on potential political backlash. This will be the only judicial office that I list here, and the only one that I vote for. I will be leaving the others blank, since I don't know enough about the candidates to make a decent decision. I will be voting for Sue Bell Cobb (D).

State Public Service Commission (Seat 1) Candidates include John Rice (R) and Jan Cook (D). This commission regulates Alabama's utility rates, and Alabama has some of the highest. I took that into consideration when going over these candidates. Jan Cook has received much of her campaign funding from PACs that are affiliated with Alabama Power. (H/T to Dan at Between the Links for finding the Mobile Press-Register article.) I will be voting for John Rice (R).

State Public Service Commission (Seat 2) Candidates include Perry Hooper, Jr. (R) and Susan Parker (D). Perry Hooper has already had one run-in with the Alabama Ethics Commission. I will be voting for Susan Parker (D).

Statewide Amendment Number One This amendment will allow the City of Prichard to create a duty-free tax zone for imports from Mobile County. It also gives them some power over their property taxes. Only citizens of Prichard should vote on this amendment. I will be leaving it blank.

Statewide Amendment Number Two This amendment will only affect those areas with school districts. The best I can tell, if you plan on having your own school district someday, this will affect you, so it would be appropriate to vote for or against it. This is not a bill that will raise taxes or raise money for education. It will simply require that the money for the school district (at least 10 mills) will come from property taxes instead of elsewhere (like sales tax). I will be voting "yes."

Statewide Amendment Number Three This is nothing more than an amendment regarding Macon County's Board of Education. Only those living in Macon County should vote. I will be leaving it blank.

St. Clair County "Junkyard Bill" I'm not sure exactly how this will appear on the ballot, but I can tell you what it's about. It will give the county the authority to enforce laws similar to rules set up by neighborhood associations, covering everything from noise to leash laws to weeds. It really depends on how you feel, here. I like the idea of home rule, and this treads on home rule a bit, but I also know that Argo would never enforce a leash law or noise ordinance, and I'm a little desperate for it right now. I'm unable to walk to the mailbox with my daughter because people let their dogs roam. My husband is one of those who detests the idea of someone telling him what to do on his property. He'll probably vote "no." I will be voting "yes."

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