Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Who Votes?

I caught this article this morning and had to comment on one selection in particular:

Marchers standing shoulder-to-shoulder sang and chanted and danced in the streets wearing American flags as capes and bandanas. In most cities, those who rallied wore white to signify peace and solidarity and waved signs reading... "Today we march, tomorrow we vote."

No, no you won't. There are certain criteria that you must meet first, like citizenship, and by your own admission, you don't have that yet. (As retarded as our elected officials may seem at times, they have probably figured that one out.) As a matter of fact, you have failed to follow the laws and processes that we currently have in place to attain citizenship, which shows me exactly how much respect you have for our country, and I in turn have about as much respect for you as a result. The only effort you have legitimately put into becoming a part of this country is to ignore the rules and then demand that the government cater to you anyway.

My grandparents (from Italy) worked hard to become citizens, and they had a sense of accomplishment and pride which resulted from that. If you have no respect for the procedures and laws of a country, you have no respect for that country-- that includes legal citizens and elected officials who seem to assume that the Constitution was written on toilet paper. If you don't respect this country, you don't deserve citizenship and the right to vote. Too many people fought too hard throughout the history of this great nation for the right to vote, including my Native American ancestors, and it shouldn't be trivialized.

Those of us who got here by following the rules are more than just a little put out by the whole false entitlement routine, and the difference is that we CAN and WILL vote. Or at least about 60% of us will.

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